What you should know before ordering an institutional video

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Video is increasingly the business card of a company, the past few years have accelerated this trend. The truth is that in addition to the product, consumers, customers, want to know more and more who is the company that provides them with the service. Where you are, how you work, social and environmental concerns, to all this video gives an effective response.

In the same way, institutional video is an indispensable asset in the presentation of the company and projects to new clients and in commercial presentations at fairs and congresses around the world. A good institutional video is a quality stamp for any company in its relationship with the world that surrounds it.

Some factors to take into account when deciding to make a video:

What story do you want to tell?

The Narrative built to present your company will define how they will look at it, even having a purely commercial purpose the narrative is that it will build, when well made, the image of your company to those who do not know it and value for those who do.

What do you want to show?

Don’t think that half a dozen drone images are enough to have a good video. The truth is that the use of drones has trivialized, continues to take its place in production, but it is just another piece that helps build the end result. That is why we have to go into the details, the means of production, transport and storage. Nor can we forget the faces, the people who work. For a video that shows your business in a global way, nothing can be left out.

DNA and social and environmental concerns

What is your company, which are the motivations and what are they doing to do better, with less risk to the environment. What are the values that drive them and why.

The choice of the production team, turnkey product, that is produced with the customer’s accompaniment, is perhaps the most important part of the process. An experienced, proven team in the market can be the difference between a final quality product or a product that does not meet customer expectations.

This is one of the videos made by our team, the production is totally carried out by Popular Jump and refers to all the criteria we explained above.

In these 8 years we have told hundreds of beautiful stories, but we still lack one, very important, yours and your company’s.

Talk to us, we want to work with you.

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