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Knowing how to communicate is increasingly an added value to be taken into account in the hotel industry.

The way hotels are promoted, the quality of communication and the way they respond to customers are decisive factors in the customer’s final choice.

Portugal is fashionable, of course, but with that comes new and demanding challenges as well. Nothing happens by chance, but it is in our hands to ensure that Portugal continues to be the destination of millions of tourists, and in this area, communication has a strong say.

In recent years, Popular Jump has specialized in producing communication for the hotel industry, either in an integrated way with the creation and implementation of a strategy in a 360-degree logic or in proper and important elements of the various areas of communication.

The goal is, of course, to sell more rooms for more value and make customers happy to the point where they share with the world their satisfaction with your hotel.


Guide to the communication of your hotel

To help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your communication, we’ve decided to create this simple guide. We won’t reveal the secrets we keep for our customers, but we believe that we can help by giving you a clearer idea of the importance of good communication in your business.


There are very few who book, either online or in agency via an operator, a destination and a hotel without first go peeking the website and social media networks. Both are strong indicators that help clients to see with their own eyes what we have to offer, the rooms, the services, but also everything around that can be appetizing to try and visit. The new client no longer wants to be a tourist, wants to be a traveler and we have to know how to listen in order to give him what he wants from us.

Yes, it is important to have the booking engine on your site at a click distance, but nobody will click on the magic button without first seeing all the photos, all the videos and so on… More and more it is the image that fills the eye of those who, besides traveling, want to share with the world of social networks the good moments of their lives.

A website should be pleasing, easy to navigate, intuitive, not just about selling rooms, but sharing stories, having an associated blog, and being read simply everywhere, whether it’s a computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone. Then there’s the “magic” part behind the site, SEO, the adaptation to the search engines and a series of technical procedures that put your site on the front pages of Google.

Here is an example of one of the websites made by our team:

Social Network

Social networks are the places where future guests will take a peek to see if there are too many complaints. It is also there that they will complain if something goes wrong, but it is also where they will give their testimony when everything goes well. A positive or negative comment on a social network in many cases is more important, from the point of view of the reservation, than anything we can say about ourselves. There are ways to encourage a positive sharing in social networks, likewise a correct response from the hotel to a customer shows quality of service and efficiency.

It is only worth considering social networks as an added value in your communication strategy if you treat it with all the care that you treat the counter of your reception. Tidy, clean, efficient and always with a smile of welcome, this of course, without forgetting, the region where your hotel is and what experiences we can enjoy. Very important also, is to carry out promotions, to know how to use the tools of ads in social networks. These are the ones that allow, with minimal amounts, to arrive in a studied and careful way to your potential client.

The absolute dream of success in networks is to have our customers share their affection and with that to call themselves new customers.

Here is a practical example, note the actual comments:

Video and Photo

In recent years the video has consolidated its role as an essential sales tool, not only online but also in the presentations of hotels in markets and international fairs. A good video is an excellent business card, the most real sample of what the customer will find. A well thought out and executed video provokes the desire to be there, to live the experience and to enjoy the services of your hotel and the destination.

Photography also plays a leading role in communication… The rooms, the services, the views, the setting in the space, the details, all assume their role in the digital strategy. Photographs must be thought and executed immaculately.

Here are some examples of videos made by our team:

Presentation of the CR7 Funchal Hotel

Bom Jesus de Braga Hotels

Melia Mare

Vila Baleira Resort

Turismo de Portugal - Samsung


The entire image of the hotel must be immaculate in and out of doors, be it digital or physical. From the poster in the elevator, through the stationary to the stand and support materials used in the fairs. Uniformity represents organization in communication, professionalism and careful presentation.

Press and communication consultancy

A good press office work designed to promote the hotel with journalists and influencers allows a natural highlight of initiatives with the media.

Be it integrated, with all services, or separately to meet specific needs, communication is essential, a support tool to sell more rooms with more added value.

Ask us, we have the expertise to help in this task.

As a thank you, to you, who had the interest to read the text to the end, we leave two important studies on the future of tourism, just click here.

Thank you for your attention and good sales.

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