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… and we work in all areas an organization needs to create and amplify its online presence. We are multimedia, audiovisual and communication specialists. Our focus is the World Wide Web and how to create the best content to all its platforms.

Online Strategies

Create an online strategy in all the areas that you need. We provide ideias, solutions and we implement them. You dream, we take care.

Online Management

We take care of your online presence in a daily base, always improving and upgrading all your technological and online presence.

Online Intelligence

Know everything about what they say about your brand and competitors online.

PJump is a “plug-in company”, which can be attached to your online communication strategy or plan to improve their performance and reach your target public.

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Social media intelligence

Digital & Social Marketing

Video & photo production

Social media

Multimedia & Graphic Design

Web Development

Pjump Latest projects

The history of Pjump is written everyday through the content and projects that we create for our clients… In this timeline you can check the latest

  • 2015
  • 21 Sep 15


    PJump created the new website and is responsible for a new online strategy. Besides all the promotional videos to show all that this resort has to offer, it was also created a zen tv for guests.

  • 17 Oct 15


    To celebrate his new album, David Fonseca marked the day with a 24h online broadcast in a reality show format.

  • 1 Sep 15


    PAR – Plataforma de Apoio aos Refugiados is the portuguese platform created in order to help the refugees. PJump besides working on the online platform, created on the social media strategy.

  • 23 Sep 15


    A documentary about the GNR's career.

  • 25 Aug 15


    Why Victor Paul Scerri, writter, calls Porto Santo his home? What’s does the island have that is so special, so unique? Come and meet the golden Island, the endless summer, the beautiful landscapes, in the safest island of Europe.

  • 9 Aug 15

    MEO SW 2015

    PJump was responsible for the online broadcasts of MEO SW 2015.

  • 18 Jul 15

    MEO Marés Vivas

    PJump was responsible for the online communication of MEO Marés Vivas 2015 and the online broadcasts.

  • 6 Jun 15


    Football is not a sport for boys is a sport for those who have ability and ambition. All over the country, every day, hundreds of young girls play football, we want these hundreds will soon be thousands. This is the time to show that girls are capable of!

  • 13 Apr 15

    Missão: Selvagens | Montepio Mare Nostrum

    We meet the guards of Ilhas Selvagens: Watchers of Nature. In search of the stories of those who surrender completely to isolation and its mission, away from their families and the world.

  • 23 Feb 15

    Faina Maior | Montepio Mare Nostrum

    Faina Maior is a documentary about brave man who ventured in the frozen seas of the North Atlantic to bring the codfish to Portugal.

  • 14 Feb 15

    Montepio Às Vezes o Amor

    Broadcast streaming of Xutos & Pontapés show on Oporto Colosseum and Social Media management

  • 29 Jan 15

    2ª Corrida Montepio

    After movie of the 2nd Montepio Run in Lisbon on 26th October 2014

  • 23 Jan 15

    JAMES on Meo Arena

    Aftermovie of James show in MEO Arena on November 29, 2014

  • 22 Jan 15

    Meo Wallet

    Corporate Movie to the mobile app Meo Wallet from Meo

  • 2014
  • 8 Dec 14

    Anselmo Ralph - Meo Arena

    After movie of the Anselmo Ralph show on Meo Arena (Lisbon)

  • 2 Dec 14

    Prémio Escolar Montepio

    Project that recognizes the dedication and work of teachers and students

  • 25 Nov 14

    2ª Edição dos Prémios Santa Casa Neurociências

    Research for good causes

  • 4 Sep 14

    Porto Santo, the golden island has a new image, website and social media strategy in order to be discovered all around the world.

  • 11 Jun 14

    RQ7 - Ricardo Quaresma

    Ricardo Quaresma has a new brand and Social Media strategy, powered by PJump

  • 10 Aug 14


    A PJump production for MOCHE enlightenment during the Music Festival MEOSW 14

  • 18 Jul 14

    Marés vivas 2014

    PJump was responsible for the online communication of MEO Marés Vivas 2014, for several organizations

  • 10 Aug 14

    MEOSW 2014

    Daily videos, 7 broadcast streams… HD, SD, mobile for several organizations, and social media management during Meo SW 2014 developed for several organizations… 150k fans saw online… Powered by Pjump

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Pjump’s Team

A small team, open to the world

Hugo Almeida


Rui Lourenço

Online Communication Director

Afonso Abreu

Director of audiovisual services

Célia Gaião

Social Media Analyst

Alexandra Rolo

Social Media Manager

Filipe Bento


Nuno Lopes


Tozé Canaveira


You Dream... We take care.

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